6 Ways to Contact Any Celebrity



Attempting to contact any celebrity that has fame is a difficult task, and can definitely be tricky. The problem is that there are countless people that will be looking to contact a celebrity and to become one who is successful in contacting them can be highly difficult. Therefore, you need to know about certain tips and tricks for contacting someone special.

You may have to contact a celebrity for a number of purposes. There may be a function on which you will be willing to invite a person, a concert in which you wish the celebrity to take the part or may be a charitable party where you think that the presence of a person can make a lot of difference. However, in order to reach the celeb, you need to look up for the certain possible ways. The following are certain things that you can do in order to reach to a celebrity.

Look for a reference

First of all, look up for a reference as it can make a great difference. First of all, figure out the person to whom you are willing to contact. Then, start searching for the people that are in your circle and are having close relations with big businessmen, celebrities, and iconic personalities. In case that you will be able to find someone who is having a link to the celebrity to whom you wish to invite, you can consider your work almost done. All you need to do is to contact that person and convince him or her to ask the person to come to your event. Provide the person with all the reasons and causes available in order to prove your point and make that person ask a celebrity to come to your event. It is probably the easiest way to call a celeb to your event.

Reaching a celebrity Online


Then you may like to reach a famous person online and contact him or her. There are a number of renowned people that are available on various online platforms, and you can contact them in order to bring them to your party. There are certain steps that you should take in order to ensure that you have contacted the right person.

First of all, you need to find the person on social networks or at an authentic website. Here, you must ensure that you are looking for the celebrity at the right place. There are certain fans that have created websites and pages with the name of the celebrities. In case that you come across a fan, you may find it a waste of both times as well as money. Some of the popular places where you can look for the celebrity is on “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and the “official website” of that celebrity.



While looking to contact a celebrity on Twitter, you must look at the fact that the tweets made by people are directing toward the celebrity and his or her real life experience. There may be certain people who will be writing about the experience; some will share the pictures taken in studios or portfolio pictures, or there might be certain people that may have shared some personal photos of a celebrity taken in regular days. Moreover, the Twitter is ensuring the authentication of a celebrity by giving them the authenticity signature that you can find on the profile of a celebrity. You can simple “tweet @” the celebrity in order to contact him or her, and you will be probably replied by that famous person.



Instagram is the photo and video social network that is owned by Facebook. It allows people to post pictures and videos of whatever they want. It also gives you the ability to tag people and send DMs to people which is where you have the most opportunity to get in touch with a celebrity. Just like in Twitter, the person needs to be following you so that you can send them a DM. Contacting celebs through Instagram can be a great source if you are able to get their attention so that they will follow you.


Official website


Then there are official websites of certain famous people. They have created these websites in order to keep people updated on their latest activities. The websites are mainly used for the promotions purpose and are mainly controlled by the publishers that are sitting behind the systems. Therefore, this may not be your desired method of contacting a celebrity. However, at the official web, you will be able to find out a “contact us” page where you can go and contact the celebrity.



Then comes the Facebook and here I will again say that the accounts may be managed by other people. When contacting celebrities through Facebook, there is a lot of noise that you have to fight through to get attention. Facebook is considering in using bots for celebrities which will make things inauthentic, so it may not be worth it eventually. Mainly, there are fan pages and are controlled by the people that are hired in order to manage the pages and to reach out to as many people as possible. Therefore, you must be sure that by contacting there you are reaching the person you meant to reach and are not being conned by someone else.

Through Mail


There are certain celebrities who have provided the fan mail address where you can send them the mails. Do not mistake it with emails as the emails are related to the online contact which comes in the upper section. It is by mail, sending letters to the celebrities. There are certain places where you can find the mail address of a celebrity. Fanmail.biz is likely going to be the best source for finding fan-mail addresses. Though you may run into some incorrect addresses, its great for the most part and I have found success with it. Again I would say that please ensure that you get an address that is authentic and where your mails are reaching the famous person to whom you are willing to contact. Once you obtain the address, start writing a great letter.

When it comes to writing the letter, you need to be cautious. You are writing the letter to a person who is renowned all across the globe. You are not writing to someone who is close to you, your friend, or family member, relative or to any acquaintance.  Therefore, you need to keep in mind certain points.

First of all, add something on which you are looking for the autograph of the celebrity. It may be a picture of a celebrity, a magazine cover or anything related to that celebrity. Send it in your letter and request the person to sign it and send it back to you. Secondly, add an envelope into it that is prepaid and have all the stamps so that it can go with your letter and come back to you with the letter of the celebrity and the thing you included to get the autograph of the celeb. Then, write the letter, include the things that you want to mention and do keep in mind that you are writing a formal letter. However, you may like to add some informal taste in it as well.

Contacting through agents, managers or publicists


If you are looking to do any type of business with a celebrity, or invite the celebrity to an event, it is recommended that you must contact the person through their agent, manager, or publicist. It is because this is the most authentic way to reach the celebrity with the quick response and you can decide the terms and conditions. The agents and managers are mainly contacted if you are looking to organize the celeb as a guest for the appearance, concert, movie, etc. Most of the times, it is easy for you to contact the managers and agents of the celebrities and sign the deal with them in order to bring the celebrity to your event.

There are certain contact databases that will allow you to contact any celebrity through their agents, managers, and publicists. There are a few different options out there for databases, but these are the most popular. Booking Agent Info is great for contacting celebrities in the music industry, in addition to famous film stars. IMDB is hands down the best resource for contacting celebrities in the film industry. It should be noted that because IMDB has a focus on the film industry, its not a great source for contacting musicians. With a celebrity database you can sit online and browse for the contacts. You will be easily able to find it out. It should be noted that these databases cost money to access, usually a monthly or annual fee.

Once you have the contact information, the biggest problem is how to write to them and convince them. Send them an email that contains information about you, what are you doing, why you are willing to have the celebrity at your event and what are the things that you will do. The email must be personalized with the list of accommodations that you will provide and anything else that you think you must list in your mail. Send the email and wait patiently for the response. If you are like me and wanting to contact a celebrity for fan inquiries then this is not a good route, as you aren’t going to get a response this way. This method is for business purposes. In case that you do not get a response for long, you may like to send a reminder.


The above are certain ways by which you can contact any celebrity. Whether it is for personal purpose, for an event or anything else, you will find the listed points helpful. Ensure that you are acting on them in the right manner and you are contacting the right person. There is a bit of confusion because there are plenty of accounts of a single celebrity. Therefore, reaching the right person can be tricky. In case that you contact someone else, this will lead to wastage of time. Moreover, there are certain scammers as well who will ask for money, take it and will leave you with no results. So beware of it as well. Before you contact the celebrity, you should gather some information about him or her. Collect the information such as who he or she is, where he or she is living, what is the background, what they have done in the past, what are their future plans etc. It will help you in knowing about the personality of the person and will make it easy for you to decide whether you want to contact that person or not.


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